Water Chillers


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Water Chillers

BIC industrial water chillers have been developed for large industrial bakeries and bakeries in countries with very high ambient temperatures (above 32°C). BIC water coolers are custom-made, have a capacity of 300 up to 5000 litres per hour and a processing speed of up to 80 litres per minute!BIC water chillers are very suitable for continuous use and made to measure to the specific needs and wishes of the customer. The chilled water remains at a stable temperature below 2°C without major fluctuations, which improves the dough quality and optimizes the process.

BIC industrial water chillers have a stainless steel housing and integrated water tank, pump, condenser and controls. The built-in pump keeps the water pressure continuously stable on the outward cooling water pipe. The insulated water tank is made from stainless steel and is fully sealed in order to prevent potential algae growth due to exposure to light. These units are supplied plug ready; fill the tank with water, connect the pipes to the unit and you're ready for operation.Two water baths; cooling in two stages, so extremely low temperatures below 2 °C can be reached.


  • Can be modified to suit norms and regulations in specific countries.
  • Modifications to all voltages and frequencies.
  • Machine featuring wheels instead of rubber feet.
  • Modifications for extreme ambient temperatures.
  • Condenser for external set-up.
  • Stainless steel water pipes.