Water Chillers


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CFi Water Chillers

  • The products in the RE L and RE range are storage water coolers
  • The range consists of 4 models.
  • Hourly flow of water between +18°C and +2°C is 90, 120, 250 and 400 depending on the model.
  • The stainless steel coil comes with a stirrer for optimum heat exchange
  • The RE L models have a stainless steel finish. The outer casing can be removed for ease of maintenance.
  • The water temperature is adjustable using an electronic regulator which is accurate to a 10th of a degree.
  • Wall mounting as standard for the RE L90 and RE L120.
  • Water pump as standard for models RE L250 and RE 400L
  • The fully brushed stainless steel casing can be completely removed without tools for quick access to all components for installation or periodic maintenance
  • The RE L90 and RE L120 are equipped with a water column
  • Stainless steel round tank insulated with flexible polyurethane foam
  • Constant distance stainless steel coil for optimum output
  • R404 fluid
  • Simple and accurate control unit